Holiday on Air

If you’re still hanging on to the last few threads of Christmas cheer, you’ll be pleased to know the festivities aren’t quite over yet. In a slightly unconventional twist, Garden Grove’s Club Can host Holiday On Air , a flying and tumbling showcase of “breathtaking aerial silk, hoop, rope, straps and hammock, plus one-of-a-kind acrobatic and breakdance numbers.” Straps! From the creative minds of the Ruby Karen Project (who also formed the Orange County Aerial Arts Co.), director Ruby Karen and her assemblage of ultra-flexible dancers execute high-flying, death-defying performances. But this isn’t Cirque du Soleil; perhaps the greatest feat is that this modest troupe is strictly DIY—some ropes, hoops and a couple of volunteers, and they’re good to go.
Sat., Dec. 26, 7 p.m., 2009

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