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"Happy Medium" Opening Reception

We're so over angst, overly emotional, just plain cranky artwork. True art doesn't need to harbor such bad vibes in order to be considered innovative—making OCCCA's new exhibit, 'Happy Medium' a bright burst of fresh air. They beg the question, "Is art a 'happy' medium? Is it required to be angst-ridden, cynical or self-indulgent to be considered provocative or authentic?" Of course not. But they take it one step further into the mind's eye: "Can a 'happy medium' be attained in life? Will the endless pursuit of 'more' remain the status quo? Is modern technology a happy 'medium?' Has the internet and other modes of communication aided in society's happiness?" Heavy stuff, maybe—but it's cheery, too. Come see what we think might be one of the most delightful exhibits this season with works from Stephen Anderson, Kebe Fox and Donald Gialanella.
Sat., June 7, 6 p.m., 2014


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