“Grossology,” the new exhibit at the Discovery Science Center, is allegedly an exhibit for kids. But is there really an adult out there that isn’t suitably fascinated by boogers and farts and barf and pee? Author Sylvia Branzei and illustrator Jack Keely demystified the world of secretion and excretions through their series of Grossology children’s books, inspiring a touring exhibition full of hands-on (if you dare) attractions giving visitors the straight poop on the more unpleasant elements of human biology. There’s “Tour du Nose” (yep, that one has to do with snot), “Gas Attack,” “Urine the Game,” and something involving what causes burps, which compared to that other stuff, doesn’t really seem all that gross. Educational fun for all ages (that enjoy learning about scabs).
May 29-Sept. 12, 10 a.m., 2010

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