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GOOD Wednesdays Grand Opening

There’s a new weekly residency on Detroit’s block. Starting this Wednesday, hump day now belongs to GOOD Wednesdays, a multi-medium, boundary-free night of expression and creativity. The collaborative brain child of DJ Dangerhouse, DJ Sanjay and the White Rabbit Group, this happening will include anything and everything from live music and DJ sets to poetry readings and art shows. No limitations on the music played, no limitations on the medium of art to be shown, GOOD Wednesdays aims to inspire creative minds to gather together just for art’s sake. The grand opening reception will have artist-friendly (read: very affordable) drink specials, live graffiti art from Joseph Calvyrus and MSK, plus diverse sets from DJ G-Roy and the founding DJs.
Wed., Sept. 8, 9 p.m., 2010


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