Globe Trotting

You may have heard-or at least heard of-Bayadera. OC-based since 1999. Mad love from critics and the OC Music Awards. Two self-produced albums, including Rotation of the Sun, released in January. But until you see Bayadera live, you don't really know Bayadara. Befitting a five-member ensemble with cultural backgrounds ranging from Vietnamese and Slavic to African-American and Puerto Rican, no two Bayadera performances feel the same. Each is shaped by members feeding off one another, and the audience. This is a freakishly talented group of musicians skillfully infusing their alt.rock with everything from Farsi lyrics to Latin rhythms. But it always feels organic, spontaneous and exploratory, rather than manufactured. There's a very real human soul to this band, one that makes a return appearance to its old North Orange County stomping grounds reason to celebrate.
Sat., Aug. 2, 10 p.m., 2008

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