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Giving Back!

Looking to do something smart, ecological, even revolutionary with those free return-address labels you get from disabled vets, animal people, Amnesty International and the rest of the direct-mail solicitation machine taking over the world? Bring them, along with your laptop and coffee mug, to this year's Do-It-Yourself citizen-activist experience. Organized by Women For: Orange County, the simple premise of the Great American Write-In is hard to argue with, and why would you? Representatives from local health-care, human- and civil-rights, peace, and justice groups-United Nations Association of OC to the Friends of Newport Coast-pitch their issue, then ask you to sit down with your labels and write a letter to "elected officials, business leaders and others who can make a difference" on said issue. The good, generous ladies of Women For: provide stationery, postage stamps, coffee, juice and muffins, not to mention the example of direct democracy.
Sat., April 5, 9:30 a.m., 2008


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