George Galloway

As George Galloway brings his international Siege-Buster Tour to Orange County, let’s review who, exactly, he is. Respect Party Member of Parliament for Bethnel Green and Bow, London’s politically radical borough. Loud, witty voice of international anti-Iraq War organizing. Bane of former GOP Senator Norm Colman (R-MN). Popular talk-show host—kicked off the air. Official persona non grata in Canada. Founder of Friction Books, the publisher of anarchist detective writer Paco Taibo. Presenter on the British TV show The Real Deal. Leader of the recent “Viva Palestina” aid convoy to Gaza. This bloke modestly titled his memoir I’m Not the Only One, after the John Lennon song. This Tuesday night, Galloway will speak to Al-Awda, the Southern California chapter of the Palestine Right to Return Coalition, in support of Palestinian rights and resistance. ’Cuz this ain’t Canada; it’s OC!
Tue., April 7, 7 p.m., 2009

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