G. Love & Special Sauce

Like many great musicians, location is a major influence to their sound. Jack Johnson’s mellow voice and reggae rhythms take listeners to a beach laced with the smell of wax on a surfboard. Bruce Springsteen conjures up images of New Jersey and hard-working, blue-collar neighborhoods as grizzled as the Boss’ five-o’clock shadow. And even though G. Love and Special Sauce hail from Philadelphia, their white-man soul and jam-band riffs belong to SoCal, the bluffs, the surfers, and all those beautiful people. Their ability to rock a crowd into a hip dance and bring about a feeling of youthful exuberance is something that's right at home in OC. So head on down to the House of Blues in Anaheim to see G. Love and Special Sauce for a bomb-ass concert, featuring songs like “Milk and Cereal,” “Rodeo Clowns” and “Sweet Sugar Mama.”
Sat., Feb. 18, 9 p.m., 2012

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