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Frogs! A Chorus of Colors

When it comes to colors found in nature, electric blue and neon green aren’t exactly what hops to mind—unless you’re talking about frogs. These remarkable amphibians sport hues more vibrant than those of most birds and they’ve filled our nights with croaking songs since the time of dinosaurs. But their colors and sounds are fading fast—as people continue to develop natural habitats, our web-footed friends are finding it increasingly difficult to survive. View some of the most brilliant of this metamorphic species in the flesh (more than 150!) as Muzeo exhibits the diverse pallet of frog species now through September.The exhibit includes over 150 live frogs! Learn about their rich and diverse world, explore their evolution, biological importance to ecosystems and the threats they face in changing environments.
Feb. 13-Sept. 5, 10 a.m., 2010


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