Frank Sinatra-The Good Years

‘Timeless Melodies—Frank Sinatra, the Good Years’ A self-taught singer, Frank Sinatra was always doing it his way—straight out of the womb and ever since his feet first hit Hoboken, New Jersey soil. Like a fine wine (or a fine wino), his drunken, sloshy performances with Dean Martin and the Rat Pack are still enjoyable today and his deep, sensual voice is like something strong poured liberally over the rocks—keep ‘em coming, Mac. Whether star of Broadway’s stage or Hollywood’s silver screen, any name that found itself strewn up in lights, you can bet ol’ Frankie had performed alongside them. The mafia ties, the steamy affair with Marilyn Monroe, his blatant opinion that Elvis Presley was fucking up music in general: Yes, there are many reasons why Frank Sinatra is an icon. Come discover more of them.
Thu., July 23, 1 p.m., 2009

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