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Farmer Dave Scher

Long Beach local boy “Farmer” Dave Scher—he was at Poly a few years behind Snoop Dogg, did a stint at Fingerprints many years back and carries contemporaneous memories of Sublime at backyard parties—made good in L.A.’s Beachwood Sparks (as well as the underloved All Night Radio) and made even more good as sideman to folks like Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis and Interpol. But it wasn’t until last summer that he released his first solo album. Kemado Records’ Flash Forward To The Good Times (from a lyric that starts out with “Gonna get on the right track / maybe take it down to Long Beach…”) is Scher and heavy friends playing sweet pop songs that put Warren Zevon wit over Beck-style production twists; Motown, Wackies and Brother Records all find spiritual complements here, but the whole album still feels like a day—and a nice warm night—at the beach. First hometown show in forever so come feeling welcome.
Sat., Jan. 30, 9 p.m., 2010


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