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Fare Thee Well

Prithee tarry for a marry eve-the Renaissance Faire has come to Laguna Beach. Yeah, so Renaissance Faire people are weird . They spend hours on handmade costumes, from courtier to wench, and even learn the old English lingo (Good morrow! Hail and well met!) and get even weirder when you don't amuse them and fail to properly ask where the privies are. But it's all in good fun and commemoration of one of the most remarkable eras: the Elizabethan period. Musicians, knights, magicians, Moorish dancers and palm readers will abound, as will vendors and plenty of feasting. And something called the "bubble booth." Dress up and receive two free drink tickets, but get up to speed on the important phrases ("Where is the restroom?" and "Thank you" might be a good start), lest you want to be challenged to a joust or something. We told you. Weird .
Mon., July 7, 5:30 p.m., 2008


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