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Face the Music

A good movie score helps accentuate what’s happening on the screen. A great movie score will make it a memorable one. You know, Jean Constantin’s incredibly florid, very French, oddly optimistic Quatre Cents Coups that twinkled as audiences contemplated the fate of young Antoine Doinel. Every John Williams piece ever. The overtly mysterious, neo-noir smokiness of Chinatown . Elmer Bernstein’s Great Escape gallant march. Sigh. As a part of the American Composers Festival, Orange County Performing Arts Center is bringing us “Cinema to Symphony,” an exploration of the differences between film composition and concert composition. Featuring music by Herrmann, Rozsa, Krongold and Chihara, learn how leading film composers transformed soundtrack ideas into chamber music and song.
Mon., March 2, 8 p.m., 2009


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