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Exene Cervenka

X singer Exene Cervenka is building a beautiful new body of solo work with her albums on famed roots label Bloodshot, and her newest, The Excitement of Maybe, goes prowling through the weeds and the wildness of old America with songs that recall Iris DeMent, Terry Allen or Guy Clark—musicians who are storytellers, rabblerousers, fortunetellers and poets all at once, unwinding the experiences of love and loss and stringing them across an acoustic guitar. X fans who haven’t learned the lesson yet should start with “I’ll Admit It Now,” a rocker with Muscle Shoals horns, but most of Maybe puts its power in sentiment and not raw sonics. Otherwise, go right to “Beyond You,” a Cervenka devastator hiding in a honky-tonk shuffle. She plays the intimate Prospector this week with openers Paperplanes, the perfect local complement.
Sat., Jan. 14, 10 p.m., 2012


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