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Eight Days

Thurs/June 16
Did someone say "Free livejazz"?Normally those words in that order would have me running for the exits like a one-night stand. But this is at the OrangeCountyMuseumofArt'sOrangeCrush,a fun little swanky soiree for smart, pretty hipsters, and the focus will be on jazz standards, which hopefully won't include any of that awful fusion noodling, but maybe will include "Sea ofLove."6-9 p.m. OrangeCountyMuseumofArt,850SanClementeDr.,NewportBeach,(949)759-1122.

DonnyOsmondat the CerritosCenter?(8 p.m. $35-$45. 12700CenterCourtDr.,Cerritos,800-300-4345;WWW.CERRITOSCENTER.COM.) PeterCaseand MikeMarttat the BlueCaf?(10 p.m. 21+. 210ThePromenadeN.,LongBeach,562-983-7111;WWW.THEBLUECAFE.COM.) Shaggycaught red-handed at the Grove?(8 p.m. $30. All ages. 2200E.KatellaAve.,Anaheim,714-712-2700;WWW.THEGROVEOFANAHEIM.COM.)


Youwill be attending the Father-DaughterDanceat the BreaCommunityCenterbecause, damn it, my daddy never joined Y-IndianPrincesseswith me, and clearlyit has scarredme for life.Do you want to do that to your little peanut? Do you? DO YOU? (The correct answer is "No.") Come on down and two-step, or ElectricSlide,or whatever the red-of-neck folk are doing these days, at Brea's WesternHoedown.$15-$20 gets you dinner (yummy chili dogs and such), dancing and contests. 6:30-9:30 p.m. BreaCommunityCenter,695E.MadisonWay,Brea,(714)990-7631.

Anybody for LynchMob?No? Me either. But apparently GeorgeLynchis an original member of Dokken(not that you or I would know an original Dokken member if he bit us in the ass), and he is ready to (hair) rock! 7:30 p.m. Call for cover. 18+. Diablo'sRockingCantina,23600RockfieldBlvd.,LakeForest,(714)522-8256.

Why not spend Father'sDayat a SpaceSocietyMeeting?I mean, mydad and I will be at thetrack,but that's because we're lowlifes.Youwill be getting involved with space- and science-related activism, and meeting other space enthusiasts and professionals, and thatis much more classy.4 p.m. DiscoveryScienceCenter,2500N.MainSt.,SantaAna,(714)542-2823.Formoreinformation,contactOCSPACESOCIETY@HOTMAIL.COM.

Go see everyone's favorite felon, MerleHaggard,mostly because he ain't dead yet. 8 p.m. Call for cover. CrazyHorseSteakhouse,IrvineSpectrum,71FortuneDr.,Ste.864,Irvine,(949)585-9000;WWW.CRAZYHORSE2000.COM.

I would think it was pretty cool if you went and saw those angel-voiced NevilleBrothersat Vault350.But I also think you've been living a little hard lately and should maybe stay in and rest yourself (before you wreck yourself). It is a Tuesday,for crying out loud. $35. All ages. 350PineAve.,LongBeach,(888)80-VAULT;WWW.VAULT350.COM.

See, now it's Wednesday, so by all means you should go and pickle yourself with DomIrreraat the IrvineImprov.Aren't you glad you saved your strength? Be sure and take care of your waitstaff, people. He'll be here all week. 8:30 p.m. $15. IrvineImprov,71FortuneDr.,Ste.841,Irvine,(949)854-5455.

Thurs/June 23
DJaDJectivespins everything from Iggyto Eazy-E.I think that calls for your attendance. And perhaps a soupon of smack.10 p.m. Free. KitschBar,891BakerSt.,CostaMesa,(714)546-8580.


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