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Dirt Nasty

Life after MTV can be rough for a VJ—there’s not a whole lot of job security in introducing music videos. The lucky ones go on to other gigs like hosting amazingly crappy (though hypnotic) reality shows, while others start hocking department store clothes and still others try their hand at political satire. But what happens when a former VJ just isn’t willing to give up his Hollywood playboy lifestyle? If it’s Simon Rex, he turns it into a hip-hop career. As the rapper Dirt Nasty, Rex keeps the content comically predictable: sex, drugs, partying, more sex. But he gives it a fantastically sleazy, facetious twist that only a 30-something, former porn-star, B-movie cameo-maker can. And dare we say it, it’s kind of awesome.
Wed., July 15, 9 p.m., 2009


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