In safe places all over planet Earth, beautiful things are just waiting for the time to be right, and besides London After Midnight and a moldering ball of Gnostic papyrus deep in an Egyptian well is the third album by dios—once dios malos, but now back to their natural name and ready with possibly the best music they’ve made yet. The upcoming we are dios is thirteen (or fourteen? With B-sides? Singles?) songs and is unbelievable: pop inflated, mutated and elevated toward infinity with fearlessly idiosyncratic production that makes this some kind of triumphant South Bay back-house answer to Beck, Radiohead, Guided By Voices, the white album and every hard-ass visionary songwriter who hauled a reel-to-reel into the rehearsal space. Set for release on Buddyhead sometime soon and so good it makes us feel like we just snapped out of a coma.
Fri., Jan. 15, 8 p.m., 2010

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