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Dinner with Friends

It’s not a horror story, but the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Dinner with Friends deals with some scary stuff—namely, the facing of one’s own deep-down fears. Written by Donald Margulies, the story follows two married couples—Gabe and Karen, and Tom and Beth—who get together one evening for a pleasant meal. Things begin to unravel when Beth reveals she’s divorcing Tom because of his infidelity. Sides are chosen, insecurities are revealed, and suddenly Gabe and Karen are questioning the stability of their own marriage. Directed for Stages Theatre by Gary Krinke, Dinner grapples with uncertainties amidst the turbulence of mid-life—and what could be scarier than that?
Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: May 2. Continues through June 8, 2014


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