Die Laughing

Though they’re called “The Killers of Comedy,” an average show from this cadre of weirdos famous for their individual appearances on The Howard Stern Show is equal part jokes, equal part freakshow. Acts include Beetlejuice, a mentally challenged microcephalic dwarf; The Iron Sheik, a former WWF star now known for his incoherent rants on YouTube; and Yucko the Clown, an insult comic that plays a racist, homophobic clown character. (At least it’s supposed to only be a character.) Also performing: the three hosts of Sirius XM’s The Miserable Men Show , Mike Morse, Howard 100 news reporter Shuli and the barely literate Reverend Bob Levy, whose closing-bit traditionally involves eating blue cheese out of a woman’s butt. Clearly, a classy group.
Sat., Feb. 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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