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Dese and Dose

The New York School (just one name of many used to organized the nebulous ‘50s abstract expressionist movement) was a group of artists and intellectuals that reads like a who’s who among now heavy-weight auction darlings. Pollock, DeKooning, Cage, Ginsberg—the list goes on like a name-dropper’s wet dream. Although fundamentally a painter’s party at heart, the New York School was an all-expansive avant-garde collective that praised experimentation and improvisation in all media. Head over to Rohrer gallery in lovely Laguna to see how five recent New York MFA grads build off the coattails of a collective art past using such disparate media and styles as acrylic paint, printmaking, collage and embroidery to further delve into this new (and increasingly digital) age of exploration.
July 12-Sept. 6, 2008


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