Dashboard Confessional Solo Acoustic Show

Hailing from the great state that gives us the most twisted news stories and politics ever might be one reason Chris Carrabba is so emo—raised by Florida has gotta hurt. Nonetheless, this multitalented metro musician has turned touchy-feely tenderness into wads of dough, and anyone who snips about his dreamy disposition should prepare for an onslaught of crazy-venomous verbiage from posters on any YouTube channel featuring his songs. Bringing things down a few notches, Carrabba’s been on the acoustic tour since last year, leaving a trail of weak-kneed teeny boppers in his wake, so catch Mr. Sensitive with Seattle/Bay Area-based openers Barcelona, and be sure to wear your hearts on your sleeves.
Sun., Jan. 22, 6 p.m., 2012


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