Cobra Starship; 3OH!3

If you’re looking for tender ballads and heartfelt sincerity, you’re not going to find it on Cobra Starship and 3OH!3’s “Too Fast for Love Tour.” 3OH!3, other than having one of the least intuitive band names to type in music history, broke big last year with “Don’t Trust Me,” a remarkably catchy and dubiously tasteful song boasting shamelessly sexist (but, uh, tongue-in-cheek) lyrics such as “shush girl, shut your lips, do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.” Cobra Starship? Well, their lead single was not only on the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack, it was titled “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It).” (Sorry for unearthing all of those long-buried 2006 memories.) Also on the bill: Gym Class Heroes frontman/Katy Perry ex Travie McCoy.
Sun., May 30, 7 p.m., 2010

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