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Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy the comedian? He’s great, but what about Charlie Murphy the documentarian? The guy who did gangs, jail and the US Navy before toppling into Hollywood when his legendary brother Eddie needed security (in a couple senses, probably). Even though he was a sailor, he just about drowned in the craziness of '70s and ‘80s USA, and came out of it with so many I-was-there! and too-weird-not-to-be-true! stories that he should do a sit-down interview monthly, or maybe just wave his 2009 autobio at people. Most famously, Dave Chappelle got two immortal sketches and one fatal catchphrase out of Murphy, proving the power of a tale told crazy. But Murphy soldiers on post-Chappelle’s righteous punch-out with credits in TV and film and plenty of stand-up touring, in which he unrolls the stories that make him the man he is. Next up is his Acid Trip DVD, leaking on to YouTube now.
Jan. 12-15, 2012


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