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The Cramps had Songs the Lord Taught Us, but of much additional utility to us scholars of scuzz was the quasi-legal compilation series Lux and Ivy’s Favorites, a guided tour through three decades of revved-up, off-the-map rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ fuzz ‘n’ soul. Long Beach’s Champanties have studied this kinda thing well, so you get a fangs-out backing band doing the dark side of ’66 with a line of tuff-girl singers singing about voodoo and assorted delinquency. There’s some of the Pleasure Seekers and some of the Downliners Sect—yeah, that’s right, the Pleasure Sect!—and plenty of fire-starting power at work here. If they ever put out a record, it needs to be a limited-edition black-vinyl 45.
Sat., Jan. 12, 9 p.m., 2013


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