Certified Farmers’ Market & Craft Fair

There’s something about farmers’ markets that just reeks of wholesome goodness. Maybe it’s all those fresh veggies practically oozing vitamins and nutrients; maybe it’s the fact that they have a huge role in supporting farmers during such a bleak economic period. Or maybe it’s the abundance of animal-adoption booths (and the reason some of us have five cats). With the nation’s increased interest in health foods and all things organic, farmers’ markets have been sprouting up everywhere. Not only do these outdoor marketplaces encourage the benefits of fresh air and consuming leafy greens, but they also focus on the importance of preserving natural resources and maintaining the success of local farmers. Every Thursday, Anaheim hosts its own health-and-wellness fair, including fresh produce, flowers, crafts, live entertainment and baked goods—which means cupcakes, for those still hesitant.
Thu., Aug. 6, noon, 2009


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