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But What About the Boobs?

Say what you will about the bikini-obsessed pages of Anaheim-based Lowrider Magazine that theyre sexist, perpetuate stereotypes, or that the ladies need to flash more chichis but few other rags can match the Chicano bible for the beauty of their shots. And many of those come courtesy of Orange-based photographer Edgar Hoill, whos also in charge of Lowrider Arte (the magazine with all the awesome pencil drawings of evil clowns, stately cholos and overwrought Aztec maidens and machos ). Calacas is currently exhibiting Hoills Vida-Cultura-Pasion exhibit, which eschews tricked-out Impalas for images from Mexico, the United States and points beyond of men selling roasted corn and molls touting massive guns that arent their breasts, all with a particular flair for color and the natural curves of life. While at Calacas, ask Hoill this: Why are the Japanese so obsessed with lowriders?
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