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Brooklyn Rider

No classic rock cover band here; Brooklyn Rider is a classical string quartet—who happen to play with as much fervor and passion as most rock ensembles to come our way. Named after the expressionist painting group of the early 1900’s, Blue Rider, these four Brooklyn-ites may be rockstars on the East Coast nerd scene—but damn it, still rockstars in their own right. Serving up a sampling of their new album, Dominant Curve (available February 16 on various internet music providers and April 6 if you want a physical copy), the group’s Barclay performance will feature renditions of works from composers Philip Glass and Giovanni Sollima, as well as Rider violinist Colin Jacobsen’s “Achille’s Heel,” a nod to French composer Claude Debussy. Believe it when we say this ain’t your grandmammy’s chamber music.
Wed., Feb. 10, 8 p.m., 2010


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