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Bread and Butterfly

If just the thought of intentionally munching on a garlic sautéed grasshopper, its thin legs masticated to a salty pulp on your tongue, is enough to give you the heebie jeebies, try to remember that the average American eats about a pound of insects in his or her lifetime and usually without cause (or knowledge) for complaint. Granted, there's a great divide between what casually crawls into our mouths unnoticed (via boxed cereals, unwashed veggies, agape sleeper's mouth, etc.) and the deliberate act of entomophagy, or bug-eating. Join author David George Gordon, he of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook fame and well-noted "entomological epicure extraordinaire" as he cooks critters before your very eyes and laughs in the face of the five-second rule.
Sat., July 19; Sun., July 20, 2008


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