Big Business

Inside one of Costa Mesa’s dimly lit sonic caverns, the grandiose riffs of Big Business, an econ-savvy, LA three-piece, will surely be the driving force behind a night of hard drinks and harder beats. On the heels of their third studio album, Mind the Drift (Hydrahead Records), Big Business members Jared Warren, Coady Willis (both current members of the Melvins) and Toshi Kasai are ripping through the country on a national tour. This Thursday, they set up shop at Detroit Bar, along with the fuzz-heavy Chicago rock duo Tweak Bird. Since 2005, the Big Business model for success hinges on their commitment to an abrasive sound that mimics the animalistic nature of the blood-thirsty monster their name represents. Of course, once their music sucks you into the crowd of wild fans, you’ll probably be the one asking for a bailout.
Thu., May 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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