Aushua, Yellow Red Sparks, Parade of Lights

Aushua’s always has been one of those ultra-reliable hometown favorites for us. With their anthemic tracks with a just-right pop/rock tinge, the Orange-based quartet doesn’t stray far from the U2 tree—they’re the audio equivalent of taking half a Soma while listening to Achtung Baby. However, the band only recently managed to overcome what could have been a major tragedy: This past September, outside a bar in Olde town Orange, singer Nathan Gammill was randomly attacked by two men just released from a stint in prison with no agenda but a thirst for blood. Gammill suffered fractures to his skull and ear canal, various cuts and scrapes and even managed to have a shoe print stamped onto his face. A few cancelled shows later, Gamill and company are thankfully still going strong with another residency at Detroit Bar. The befittingly pleasant sounds of Long Beach’s Parade of Lights and Yellow Red Sparks round out the night’s line-up.
Mon., March 23, 9 p.m., 2009


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