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Alcantara Piano Trio

They ain’t your grandpa’s classical-music group. Two gals and a guy—young, good-looking and dressed real sharp—they’d look right at home playing moody, swirling, edgy, borderline-manic electronica at Detroit Bar. What they’re actually offering, as part of the Dana Point Coastal Arts Series, are sizzling takes on opuses from Brahms, Shostakovich and Mendelssohn, as well as Astor Piazzolla’s “Le Grand Tango.” (We just dug out our Scent of a Woman DVD to brush up on our steps. Hey, whaddya mean, no dancing in the aisle?!) Catch ’em now before a concert ticket costs you a mortgage payment. Chances of their playing a Chemical Brothers Concerto in C? Remote, but we’d go, uh, orbital.
Sun., March 27, 2 p.m., 2011


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