Akram Khan Dance Company: Bahok

Dance prodigy Akram Khan began his career tracing back his Bengali roots in Kathak (a dance form originating in Northern India that’s based on mythology, fluid movement and exaggerated expressions). At the tender age of 3, the London native began to dance—and by age of 10, his stylized movement had made him a hot commodity among the most important producers in the field. Now a director with his own evolved style, Khan (along with Sadler Wells and the National Ballet of China) have put together bahok (“carrier”), a modern-day production of the tale of Babel. Set to a compelling original score and a rich mixture of cultural dances, five performers from Khan’s company will go head-to-head with classically trained dancers to describe a sense of identity and mesmerize audiences in the language of dance.
Tue., Feb. 9, 8 p.m., 2010

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