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A Tchaikovsky Portrait

A Tchaikovsky-centric show? In January? Yeah, at this point, Christmas has pretty much seen its last lords a-leaping, but there’s a lot more to the storied 19th-century Russian composer than The Nutcracker . (Such as, say, Swan Lake , the 1812 Overture or his much-speculated-upon closeted homosexuality.) Thus this Pacific Symphony tribute, “A Tchaikovsky Portrait,” which combines choice cuts from his oeuvre with film presentations and dramatizations of his life by local actor Nick Ullett. Selections include a Swan Lake scene and waltz; a piece from his take on Romeo and Juliet ; and his sixth symphony, Pathétique , which premiered just nine days before his 1893 death, thought by some to be the result of suicide. That’s depressing, but this show shouldn’t be, sugar-plum fairies or no.
Jan. 7-10, 8 p.m., 2010


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