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A Fine Frenzy

In the grand tradition of alterna-fem-pop-siren-torch-songstresses comes A Fine Frenzy—or, actually, Alison Sudol, her piano, and a wealth of guest instruments. Miss Sudol will be taking the stage at the House of Blues this Thursday, and all the standard descriptions are to apply: Empowering, ethereal, clever, charming, quirky and so on. When listening to A Fine Frenzy, there are moments when one might be tempted to draw comparisons to Regina Spektor or perhaps Sara Bareilles. Yet with Frenzy, what the listener gets is more understated, more soulful—or depending on how you view things—more melancholy. Look for A Fine Frenzy’s holiday EP A Blue Christmas featuring the nostalgia-inducing Charlie Brown classic, “Christmas Time is Here.” Check it out, and try to keep your head out of the oven this holiday season.
Wed., Nov. 18, 8 p.m., 2009


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