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Best Sportscaster Orange County 2013 - Beto Duran

Readers' Choice: Vin Scully

The pride of Carson High School is a real Mexican of a sports reporter, and not just because he's the son of zacatecanos. Beto Duran is a ubiquitous presence on the Southern California sports scene—as a reporter for KSPN-AM 710 covering the Lakers and Dodgers, as a pretty face on Time Warner Cable's Lakers broadcasts, and on his wildly popular Instagram and Twitter accounts. And it's because of that work ethic that Duran is beloved even among his peers, who know that his advantage over them isn't that he knows the habla (although that helps), but that Duran works his beats without fatigue. And he's also a trailblazer: Earlier this year, Duran teamed up with Time Warner Deportes Lakers play-by-play man Adrian Garcia Marquez to offer analysis for Time Warner Sports' regular Lakers pregame, the first time two Latinos did the deed.

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