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Best Radio Show Orange County 2013 - The Tom Leykis Show

More than a year ago, Tom Leykis—a longtime Southern California radio presence on the old KLSX-FM 97.1 all-talk format—shocked the radio world by doing a five-days-a-week stream from his own studio in Burbank. Critics said he'd have no audience, no ads, no nothing; critics were wrong. What made Leykis so much of a must-listen in his terrestrial days—the astute analysis, the fury, the hilarity, the epic fights between listeners—are now amplified in his FCC-less kingdom, and every Wednesday at 5 p.m. brings the best program in Southern California radio: "Be Funny!" Listeners tell the most tasteless, hilarious, inside-baseball (an imitation of radio douchebag Mark Levin? Why not?) tales this side of a Comedy Central roast. Plus, the last Wednesday of the month features Mexican In Chief Gustavo Arellano doing his ¡Ask a Mexican! shtick while getting progressively borracho.

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when was the survey for best radio show?

the TL show is entertaining but often contradictory. not even close to 21st reality as the host is still living in the 80's.


It as my vote for BEST FREE SHOW!!  No need to buy nothing just listen for freeeee!!