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Best Place to Take 18-year-old College Students Who Have Never Experienced OC Before Orange County 2013 - Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona Del Mar State Beach

Corona Del Mar State Beach

3100 Ocean Blvd.

Newport Beach, CA 92625


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The fire pits at Corona Del Mar State Beach have been a first-week stop for Orange County-transplanted college students for generations. There, new friendships have been built, young love has bloomed and withered (often in the same night), and numerous resident advisers have gone gray in the noggin a little early as their gaggle of 18-year-olds finally learns to not play with fire. Whether or not students enjoy bonfires with toxic or not-so-toxic smoke (depending on who you ask), a blaze on the beach is something every college graduate-to-be should experience, if at least once. And besides, what else in Orange County can unite Dems and Young Republicans?

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