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Best Place to Ogle the Wait Staff Orange County 2013 - Seabirds Truck

Seabirds Truck

Seabirds Truck

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Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Pretty much every Orange County restaurant has good-looking guys and girls staffing the place because the top 10 percent hotties from the rest of the country move here. But the women (and one token dude) of the Seabirds truck seem to have a hot-people-only hiring policy—or maybe living a vegan lifestyle contributes to good looks. We fell in love with Seabirds' vegan food forever ago, and the rest of the country discovered the hotness of our local lonchera luminaries on TV's Great Food Truck Race several seasons back. The 'Birds are building a brick-and-mortar in Costa Mesa, so someday soon, you won't have to check your Twitter feed every time you want to track their location.

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the lime truck boys are pretty suave as well