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Best Place to Learn to Dance Like a Soap-Opera Character Orange County 2013 - Naranjita Flamenco

Naranjita Flamenco

423 S. Brookhurst St.

Anaheim, CA 92804


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A guitar strums; a female voice starts to wail in a melody that hearkens back to the Moors. A woman in heels and a close-fitting dress with a flared skirt steps onto a board and begins a sensual, powerful dance. You know you've always wanted to learn how to dance flamenco, how to make your eyes smolder, how to strike a pose that will make everyone look at you, how to use castanets—and now you can at the tiny Naranjita Flamenco dance studio in Anaheim. Even if you don't want to learn, go and watch the occasional recitals; it's a tiny bit of Andalusia in Little Arabia.

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