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Best Place to Get High Orange County 2013 - Anaheim Kush Expo

Anaheim Kush Expo

800 W. Katella Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92802


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Gotta love Anaheim, a city that invited the DEA to come in and raid any cannabis collective that dared to operate within city limits, even cooperating with the feds to threaten landlords of said clubs with the loss of their buildings. Meanwhile, since 2008, the town has raked in handsome funds each year by renting out the Convention Center to host the so-called Kush Expo, the nation's largest medical-marijuana trade show. Despite the "medication tent" and doctors writing recommendations to smoke weed on-site, this party, what with the "Hot Kush Girl" contest and other such frivolity, seems more like a celebration of recreational pot smoking than anything else. You might say it's the best place to get high in Orange County, but given how few dispensaries are left standing, you might also say it's the only place to get high. At least if you insist on smoking your reefer while surrounded by smokin'-hot bikini-clad chicks.

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