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Best Peruvian Restaurant Orange County 2013 - El Misti Picantería Ariquepeña - CLOSED

El Misti Picantería Ariquepeña

El Misti Picantería Ariquepeña

3070 W. Lincoln Ave.

Anaheim, CA 92801


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Little more than a long dining hall adorned with WPA-style farmer murals, El Misti prepares the diet of Arequipa, a city of about 750,000 acclaimed for its desiccated, hearty dishes and thunderously flavored drinks. The eatery also offers Peruvian standards for the unadventurous: coconut-milk-based chupe soups, the buttery stir-fried chow meins known as tallarines and savory pollo à la brasa. All good versions, really, but why would you eat any of them when pig knuckles are but a request away?

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