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Best Manicure/Pedicure Orange County 2013 - Angel Nail Spa

Angel Nail Spa

111 E. Memory Lane

Santa Ana, CA 92705


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Readers' Choice: Happy Nails

From the moment you walk in to Angel Nail Spa in Santa Ana and start the now-ritualistic negotiation with the owner over whether you should call him bác (uncle) or anh (brother)—which quickly gets the ladies laughing as they snip at hangnails and file away calluses—to the aromatic bath salts they add to the mini-Jacuzzi that seduce your feet for the next half an hour (an extra at other nail spas, but a standard here), the entire experience is pleasant and relaxing. There's the occasional Vietnamese banter among the ladies, but what should you care? The massage chair is working out that kink in your neck, your feet are wrapped in warm towels, your hands are being massaged in soothing lavender-scented lotion—AND THEY'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU. There may be cheaper nail spas around, but try to find one that's cleaner and whose staff is more genuinely polite, going above and beyond to make sure that mani/pedi time is nothing short of bliss.

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