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Best Hairy Politics Orange County 2013 - Salon Gabriel Anthony

Salon Gabriel Anthony

Salon Gabriel Anthony

550 E. Chapman Ave.

Orange, CA 92866


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A visit to Salon Gabriel Anthony in Orange can solve two problems for the average Orange Countian: bad hair and political apathy. An appointment with Gabriel himself will ensure you walk out of there with a glossy head of tresses, after a good deep-conditioning treatment and an earful of political talk. Probably more than you care to hear. But not enough of what you need to hear: Pulido politics, Boehner babble, Rubio rant, Syria soliloquies—he could very well have his own show on C-Span or even his own column in this infernal rag. And given that most Orange County residents live under a huge orange rock, his crusade to inform the masses, one precision haircut at a time, may make him the most socially progressive man to preach alongside the scissors since Reuben Martinez himself.

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