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Best Food Plaza Connected to a University Orange County 2013 - University Town Center

University Town Center

4100 Campus Drive

Irvine, CA 92612


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The kids at UC Irvine have it so good nowadays. It used to be the only places to eat in University Town Center across the street from campus were two generic pizza places, a Lee's Sandwiches, Le Diplomat, a Golden Spoon, a small Japanese place, Asia Noodle Café, a Veggie Grill, Britta's Café, an In-N-Out, a Jack In the Box, a Taco Bell and Steelhead Brewery. Not a horrible selection, but much friendlier to the people who worked in the office tower than the students on campus. But then, a few years ago, something happened. A Yogurtland opened. Then a teriyaki place. Then Berkeley Dog, Blaze Pizza, Sno Flakez and Gogi, plus a whole mess more of hip restaurants. Pretty soon, the kids will have a Chipotle, a delivery sushi place and a Tender Greens. So spoiled.

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Two major losses in University Town Center. Britta's Cafe is gone due to her voluntary retirement. Steelhead Brewing Co is gone due to Irvine Company f***ing them over. BOO!!