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Best Fish and Chips Orange County 2013 - The Chippy Fish & Chips

As with some of the best chip shops in England, the Chippy is tucked away, hidden from the main road. Buried in a strip mall's random food court, you can't even see it from the street. But the tiny, unassuming storefront dishes out fish and chips that rival Fleet Street. The fish is fried to a pale bronze, the batter is light and crispy—but the fish inside remains moist and snowy white, flaking away at the slightest touch. A squeeze of lemon is all you need, but a creamy, tangy tartar sauce is also available at the DIY saucing station. Fries come as a heaping mound—they're hearty and thick, a perfect compliment to the delicate fried fish. The Chippy also sells fried shrimp, onion rings and hush puppies—but as many times as we've been there, we can't bring ourselves to order anything else.

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again yelp reviews say this place is a piece of shit, why do you keep hyping shitty restaurants oc weekly? wtf is your agenda?