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Best Dessert Named "Heaven" Orange County 2013 - Papa Hassan's Grill

Papa Hassan\'s Grill

Papa Hassan's Grill

882 S. Brookhurst St.

Anaheim, CA 92804


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We're pretty sure this isn't the only dessert out there someone has decided to call "Heaven." When you see a dish called such anywhere other than Papa Hassan's Grill, it's because of a lack of imagination; but when you have it at this Little Arabia classic, it's because no other description is worthy. For the record, the proper name for it is aish al saraya, a chilled bread pudding-cum-custard, dripping with a subtle sweetness from honey, topped with fluffs of cream and dusted with crushed pistachios. It's airy, soft, white and good—just like, um, heaven.

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