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Best Barbecue Orange County 2013 - Burrell's Bar-B-Que

Burrell\'s Bar-B-Que

Burrell's Bar-B-Que

305 N. Hesperia

Santa Ana, CA 92703


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Readers' Choice: Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

This legend, still in the heart of SanTana after all these years, seeing its surroundings turn from OC's sole African-American and Samoan neighborhood into part of the city's ever-expanding barrio, is about as down-home as barbecue gets. Indoor dining? Forget about it—just picnic-style seating outside, where you can really bond with your dinner party while hunkering over a full rack of smoky, tender, meaty goodness. Described as "real Carolina barbecue," Burrell's offers pulled pork, melt-in-your-mouth brisket, cornbread, baked beans and ribs. We'd also tell you about how amazing the prices are (even the largest dinner plates are barely more than $15!), but we don't like to talk with our mouth full.

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Blacks left a long time ago in 1980 they were 3 percent, high for Orange County. Santa Ana got some Vietnamese lately. Segerstrom High is 14 percent Asian which is different for Santa Ana. Whites have really dropped lower than even El Paso Texas. El Paso is about 2 percent Asian while Santa Ana is 10 to 11 percent a lot less in the kids population though which is almost 100 percent Mexican and maybe a small number of Central Americans.