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Best Visual Artist Orange County 2012 - John M. Sollom

Readers' Choice: Wyland

For their immediacy and passion, "Stations of the Cross," John M. Sollom's series of paintings centered on the July 2011 murder of Kelly Thomas, were the most important of the year. A persistent assault against the apathy and collective forgetfulness that ensues whenever we're confronted with acts of inhumanity, the paintings were also a charitable act of giving, raising money to help the homeless through the foundation created to honor Thomas' memory.


* The spelling of Mr. Sollom's name was corrected.

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Congratulations to the OC Weekly for naming John M. Sollom "Best Visual Artist". Doing this says a lot that about you guys ...  great call!  I would also like to point out that in addition to the Stations Of The Cross, mentioned here, which were a series of paintings  created after John watched the city surveillance tape for the first time, John, among other work, also painted one of the softest and most popular paintings of the Art With An Agenda exhibit . John painted a portrait entitled "Kisses For Kelly". This one was totally different. It was a soft and loving work depicting a toddler Kelly being kissed by his mother Cathy, which John painted from an old family photograph. John M. Sollom later gifted this painting to Kelly's mother. Great Artist, Great Human, Great Friend. Via John M. Sollom!


(painting is about 5 in line on the bottom row if you scroll right)