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Best Video Game Store Orange County 2012 - Gameplay


5911 E. Spring St.

Long Beach, CA 90808


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The folks at Gameplay can be quiet, sometimes awkward. But they are knowledgeable and sincere, just like the stereotypical gamers they are. Cutting the music from the PA system is the artificial drone of racing-kart engines supplied by the store's still-operational Nintendo 64. Side-by-side with near-retail-priced new releases and the traditional used DVDs are cases of Gameplay's older wares and action figures, proudly displayed. There are cartridges for nearly every game system released since the 1980s, including rare imports for Japanese-specific consoles. You don't even need to leave when you get hungry or thirsty because the store sells video game-branded drinks and Japanese candy right there. There's no corporate veneer, no concentrated marketing pushes or purposeful store design, just people who care deeply about video games.


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