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Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant Orange County 2012 - Thuyen Vien

Thuyen Vien

Thuyen Vien

1740 S. Euclid St.

Anaheim, CA 92802


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Readers' Choice: Native Foods Café

It isn't easy being vegetarian or vegan in Orange County, where restaurants expect you to fork out big bucks for a veggie dish. Luckily, Thuyen Vien offers a fine alternative that even non-veggie fans can enjoy for cheap. The majority of the dishes is Vietnamese, but there are options such as vegan flan and crepes that steer clear from the traditional. The banana tacos are a great snack for those who aren't hungry enough for a larger dish, but want something to munch on. The pho is delicious alone, but the added soy beef and garnishes create a richer flavor to the soup that leaves you craving more.


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